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NCYA Welcomes You to OUR Organizaton

The North County Youth Association, a non-profit organization, is designed to provide a structured and safe place for recreation and activities to the neighborhood youth from the ages of 5-15. In contrast to the county area, the city of St. Louis has a full array of youth sports with strong financial support (Mathews-Dickey, Herbert Hoover, and City Rec). The closest one to North County being Mathews-Dickey, is 14 miles away. This late start for our county children, especially county girls, in organized sports robs them of the opportunity for physical activity, coaching, being part of a team, learning skills, and discipline. We aim to give them substantial time away from "negative recreation" (drugs, violence or mischievous activities).

What We Offer

A Sense of Competence: A feeling that each child can do something well and be respected by his or her peers as well as important adults in their lives. The challenge is to find ways that assure ALL children that they can do something well.

A Sense of Usefulness: A feeling that each child has something to contribute and the opportunity to do a task that is of value for other people.

A Sense of Belonging: A feeling that each child fits in and is accepted just as they are.

Van  Swingler

Van Swingler

North County Youth Association

Phone: 314-226-5057

Tia Bonnett

Tia Bonnett

North County Youth Association

Phone: 314-583-8371


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